Welcome to Stavanger Turistforening 

Foto: John Petter Nordbø

Stavanger Turistforening is the largest outdoor organization in Rogaland with 27 000 members.  We promote a varied, inclusive and environmentally friendly outdoor life, arranging tours and courses, maintain paths and trails, and operate 44 cabins.


Stavanger Turistforening organizes over 1000 activities every year, from hiking to skiing, mountaineering, day, weekend, and week tours!

A group trip gives increased quality of life, newfound energy, and new acquaintances, and we would love for you to join us!

STF Children’s group

STF  children’s group organizes specially adapted tours for families with children from 0-12 years. They have a varied and exciting tour program year-round.

DNT Youth

DNT Youth Stavanger is for young people from 13-19 (26?) years. They arrange many great trips throughout the year. The trips are arranged and led by youths for youths. No parents invited. Take a look at the program and join a tour!

STF 60+

STF works actively to maintain and develop outdoor life activities for those over 60 years of age. STF 60+ offers an attractive, varied program of activities and works to facilitate a good and varied program.

STF for all.

STF arranges several local activities where you do not need previous hiking experience or special equipment to take part. We offer activities, trips and course in local recreational areas for beginners to outdoor life and hope to get the whole family out in nature.

Foto: Kristine Tofte

Beginners' course

Stavanger Turistforening wants to share with as many as possible the numerous possibilities of nature and outdoor life!

We arrange beginners’ courses that aim to provide a sense of safety and self-confidence, and to inspire people to get outdoors and enjoy nature.

The beginners’ course is a practical course where you learn basic skills in outdoor life.  The course is open to everyone.

Foto: Kristine Tofte

The cabins

As member in STF you get a discount on over 44 fantastic cabins in the mountains, hills and in the fjords. We have self-catering and no-service cabins, everything from charming and distinctive small ones far into the mountains, to spacious child-friendly cabins with easy access.  We also have rental cabins for families, groups and school classes. More information: https://english.dnt.no/about-the-cabins/

How easy it is to use a self-catering tourist cabin:

PLAN:  Find the cabin you want to visit on ut.no or STF.no/hytter.

ORDER: Choose the date and book the beds you need.

PACK YOUR RUCKSACK: Bring a sheet sleeping bag and a pillow case, and check on STF.no if the cabin is stocked with food.  Plan your meals, check the weather on STF.no and enjoy the trip to the cabin.

SIGN IN:  All our self service and no-service cabins are open. When you arrive at the cabin you sign the visit protocol.

PAY:  Pay for your purchases at the cabin on DNT’s payment app «hyttebetaling»

CLEAN: Clean the room you have slept in, and contribute to cleaning of the common areas in the cabin, so that the cabin is nice and clean for the next guest.


Volunteering is the backbone in STF, and we’d love you to be part of it! With the great efforts of volunteers, we can maintain our extensive services and activities in STF that gives everyone the opportunity to have great, safe nature experiences.

Do you want to contribute to STF’s work , and at the same time make new friends and unique life  experiences? 

DUGNAD = voluntary work

Dugnad is voluntary, unpaid work that is done together with other volunteers and is social and rewarding. It is a central tradition in the Norwegian society.  It exists in various forms, from painting cabins, waymarking of trails, taking pictures, leading tours, cooking waffles, carpentry tasks or sitting on a committee. We offer training, so you can be confident in your role as a volunteer.

In order to maintain our cabins so they are attractive to our guests, we arrange several cabin “dugnads” through the year.  Participating in a cabin dugnad is a great way to learn about STFs volunteer work and to get to know other volunteers.

Ambassador course.

The first step to become a volunteer and join in the volunteer work, is to take an ambassador course. This course gives a good introduction to the work STF does, and the values it stands for.  Here you also can get to know other new volunteers.  We look forward to meeting you and to many fun experiences together!

Contact person for volunteers:

Do you want to register as volunteer?  Please contact our volunteer coordinator, Brita Gundersen at frivillig@stf.no or on phone no. 916 69 539. She can also answer any questions you might have about volunteering.


As a member in STF you will receive a discount on accommodation and food at 550 DNT cabins across the country. You will also get a number of local and national discounts , in addition to two Yearbooks and five issues of the magazine Fjell og Vidde each year.

As member you also support important public health work! With your contribution, we can continue to develop our tours and activities, mark and maintain trails and operate cabins for everyone’s enjoyment.